Tutor Groups

At St George, students are organised into year groups according to age, which are then divided into tutor groups. The tutor plays a vital role in the development of our students, supporting them with their well-being and achievement as well as meeting with parents at termly Mentoring Days to discuss students’ progress.

Each year group has a Progress Leader, who takes overall responsibility for the year group’s progress as well as sanctions and rewards, and a supporting member of the Senior Leadership Team. This work is complemented by the college Chaplain. Through assemblies, tutor time and regular visits to our chapel, students’ academic progress is well balanced with their development as well-rounded young adults.

Each tutor group is aligned to one of eight Houses, which are named for Saints and Martyrs. These are: Alphonsa; Bakhita; Drexel; Frassati; John-Paul; Kolbe; Romero; Teresa. While weekly assemblies are usually held as a year group, there are occasions throughout the year when House assemblies bring together all year groups for one house at a time.

The tutors for 2020-21 are listed below:

Year 7

Group Tutor Progress Leader


Miss Street

Miss Provenzano

Miss Cecil



Mrs Furby


Miss Fisher


Miss Marks


Mr Rajendram


Miss Maton


Miss Ruberry

Year 8

Group Tutor Progress Leader


Miss Hussain

Mr Shelley

Mrs Drummond


Miss Raymont

Frassati Mrs Umbers


Mrs Rope


Mrs KnightMrs Atkinson


Miss Bowers


Mr Kerslake

Year 9

Group Tutor Progress Leader


Mr Rogers/Miss Templeman

Miss Self

Mr Guyer



Mrs Sumner


Mrs Smallwood


Mr Ellerby

Kolbe Miss Ouvry
Romero Miss Choudhury


Miss Catley



Year 10

Group Tutor Progress Leader
Alphonsa Mr Leat  
Bakhita Mrs Simpson

Miss Foord

Mr Devine

Drexel Mr French
Frassati Mr May/Mrs Sira/Mrs Sopicka


Miss Lampard


Mrs Lee-Cann


Mr Gillard


Miss Evans

Year 11

Group Tutor Progress Leader
Alphonsa Mrs Gilbank  


Mr Hill

Mr Copplestone

Mr Habberley

Mr Bedford


Drexel Mr Reynolds
Frassati Miss Heneghan


Miss Parker


Miss Jay/Miss May


Mr Clark


Mr Ndabala

Our Houses

St ALPHONSA Muttathupadathu, 1910-1946

A religious sister in India and the first Indian saint. She is patron of those who suffer physical illness

St Josephine BAKHITA, 1869-1947

She was sold into slavery and eventually rescued by a Christian family. She is patron of victims of human trafficking and of all Africa.

St Katharine DREXEL, 1858-1955

Born in the USA, she committed her life to the education of girls from African American and Native American backgrounds. She is the patron saint of racial justice.

Blessed Giorgio FRASSATI, 1901-1925

A young man committed to the social justice and caring for the poor. He is the patron of young people.

St JOHN-PAUL, 1920-2005

A Polish priest who became Pope in 1978. He was the first Pope to travel widely, meeting Catholics across the world. He famously forgave his would-be assassin and visited him in his prison cell.

St Maximilian KOLBE, 1894-1941

St Maximilian is what is known as a “martyr of charity” He took the place of a fellow prisoner in Auschwitz during WWII who had been condemned to death.

Blessed Oscar ROMERO, 1914-1980

The Archbishop of San Salvador who spoke out with great courage against injustice and poverty. He was assassinated by government forces while saying mass in a hospital chapel.

St TERESA of Calcutta,1910-1997

A religious sister who decided to live with the “poorest of the poor” on the streets of India. She was awarded the Nobel peace prize in recognition of her work of feeding the hungry and caring for the sick.