Student Leadership and Participation

The Growing in Faith Team (GIFT)

The GIFT team consists of students whose role it is to provide support to the chaplaincy team and especially the Chaplain. The students help with Masses, prayers and with raising money for our school charities. The GIFT team is open to all students whether they are Catholic or not.

Currently, the team comprises six Year 7 students, six Year 8 students, seven Year 9 students, four Year 10 students and six Year 11 students (Spirituality prefects).

Parish Ambassadors

We currently have four parish ambassadors whose role is to provide a link between the school and our feeder parishes. The team will be expanding over the course of this year as we strengthen our bonds with our local parishes.

St Vincent De Paul Society

Recently reformed after the COVID 19 pandemic, the new SVP comprises around 10 students from Years 7-9. This is run by the Chaplain and Mrs Suzanne Morgan from the Three Rivers pastoral area and members of the SVP. The group’s ambition is to complete positive work in our local community as well as learning about the spirituality of the great French Saint Vincent De Paul. So far, this group has supported a homeless charity and visited a local care home.  

Retreat Days

All our students in Years 7-10 have the opportunity throughout the year to attend our termly retreat days with our chaplain and our priest chaplain at St Joseph’s Centre in Ashurst.

Our College Chapel

The college chapel is open for students and staff to visit informally during the day and tutor groups take it in turns to use the chapel as a more formal setting for their morning collective worship. We also have a weekly Mass celebrated by one of our local clergy that is welcome to all students, staff and parents. The chapel is open at break and lunchtimes for anyone who wants to have a bit of peace and quiet, say a prayer, have a chat, ask for a prayer, light a candle…. We have different prayer groups that meet during the week.

The sports hall is used for larger whole-school liturgies, which take place at significant points during the year, most notably for St George’s Day. All students and staff attend these celebrations and many take part in reading, serving, singing and other music ministries. We encourage as many students as possible to be involved in the planning and organising of such celebrations by becoming active members of the chaplaincy group.

Tutor Time Schedule:

Please click on our attached document below for an overview of our tutor time schedule. All students say the celebration of the word everyday and lead prayer at least once a week with their tutor group.