At St George, we aim to encourage learning through investigation, using a wide range of activities to maintain curiosity and enthusiasm amongst all students. We adopt an integrated approach across both key stages maintaining a balanced and challenging curriculum for all students. A number of science clubs run throughout the year to further engage students in extra-curricular science areas.

Key Stage 3
In Years 7 and 8, students follow a mastery scheme of work that we have developed based on the Activate course from OUP. Emphasis is placed on having the students work scientifically, and being able to explain things using scientific ideas. This is done through a range of different topics, supported by high quality practical work where appropriate. We also place a great emphasis on developing the literacy and numeracy skills required to work and communicate scientifically.

Key Stage 4
All students follow the Edexcel Combined Science GCSE course, which leads them to achieve two GCSEs in Science. This course is an equal balance of biology, chemistry and physics and students benefit greatly from having specialist teachers for each discipline in Years 10 and 11. Assessment for this GCSE focuses on students’ ability to both recall and apply key ideas in science, and ensure they are able to handle data appropriately. Practical work becomes increasingly demanding and complex throughout Key Stage 4 and understanding these experiments is important for success in the final exams.

Useful links:

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