School Uniform

Our students have always worn a smart uniform. We believe uniform is vital to students identifying themselves as a part of our community. We offer a winter and a summer option, although it is not necessary for parents to buy both. All students should only wear winter uniform during the autumn and spring terms. During the summer term, students can remain in winter uniform or wear the summer uniform instead.

Winter Uniform

  • Black blazer with college badge (these items can be bought separately or together, badges can be purchased from St George)
  • White shirt
  • College tie (red and white tie) black and red KS4 tie optional.
  • Black trousers (straight cut, no jeans, stretch styles are not allowed)
  • Black knee-length skirt (stretch styles are not allowed)
  • All Black footwear (no boots)
  • Black/grey/white socks
  • Plain black/tan tights


Summer Uniform

  • White polo shirt with college logo
  • Black trousers (straight cut, no jeans, stretch styles are not allowed)
  • Black knee-length skirt (stretch styles are not allowed)
  • Unisex Black tailored shorts (optional)
  • All Black footwear (no boots)
  • Black/grey/white socks
  • Plain black/tan tights
Optional Items for summer or winter uniform
Black v neck jumper with college logo
Black v-neck cardigan with college logo
No hoodies are allowed.
Winter uniform and summer uniform are not to be mixed .

PE Kit
Indoor or Summer:

  • White top - any plain white t-shirt or plain white polo top, (there is also a St George logoed PE polo shirt available from SkoolKit) red shorts, white socks, trainers (non-marking soles).


  • Red long-sleeved rugby top, red shorts, red socks,football boots/trainers, gum shield / shin pads
  • St George dance leggings can be worn in only Year 10 and 11 girls PE. These must be purchased from SkoolKit.
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms are also acceptable along with St George Logoed tracksuit bottoms which are available from SkoolKit.
  • Rugby top fleece is available from SchoolKit. During the winter months, the St George school jumper can be used as an over layer (no coats). Thermals are also encouraged during the winter months under the rugby top (ensuring they cannot be seen).

All items should be clearly labelled.
Recommended additional items: college fleece top, deodorant and a towel.

Jewellery, Makeup, and Hairstyles
A single stud earring in each ear is allowed to be worn in school. Any other piercing including nose studs are not permitted.  Students will be asked to remove them.  Makeup is not allowed in Years 7, 8 or 9, although in Years 10 and 11 it can be worn if discreet. Hairstyles should not be below a grade 1, and any extreme styles or fashion statements that the college deems to be unreasonable, along with hair coloring and adornments, are not permitted.
No eyelash extensions or gel, acrylic, false nails or nail art are not allowed and only clear nail varnish is allowed.
Reasonable adjustments for religious or cultural reasons will be accepted.

All items of uniform can be purchased from our suppliers:
Skoolkit, 31, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9FF tel: 02380 629095
My Clothing -

College ties and badges are available from reception at St George.

Used Uniform
We now have a range of second-hand uniform for sale with all the proceeds going to our school charities. We are very pleased to offer this to our students and encourage the recycling of uniform.

If you have any spare items, or those that you no longer want, please send them in laundered and we will sell them on.

If you would like information on specific sizes and items in stock, please contact Miss Selena Bishop at

Price list

Blazers - £5

Rugby shirts - £3

Everything else – including Shirts, PE tops, Polo shirts, Jumpers, Trousers, Skirts - £2

Students can come at lunch time (13:20 – 13:50) to try and buy. Parents can come in for 30 minutes between 15:45-16:15 on Fridays only.