Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms Marie Cordeiro
02380 322 603 / 02380 670 191

Our safeguarding team:

Mr James Habberley (

Mr David Walford (

Mr Greg Prout (


When visiting St George Catholic College you are expected to:

  • Sign in at reception

  • Wear your visitor's lanyard & badge at all times

  • You are not to be left alone with students (unless you have had all relevant safeguarding checks, and have permission from a member of staff to do so)

  • Report any concerns to Ms Cordeiro or if she is unavailable tell reception

  • When you leave our premises, you must sign out at reception and hand in your visitor badge/lanyard.  If reception is closed, please leave your badge/lanyard with the member of staff you visited.

This refers to KCSIE September 2022.

Alternatively you can contact: Children's Resource Centre Southampton 02380 833 004 / 02380 832 300 (office hours) / 02380 233 344 (out of hours)

Leaflets can be downloaded below