Things to watch or listen to

The Martin Lewis Money Show

Watch the film “Ruby Bridges”

Jesy Nelson documentary – “Odd One Out”

“Explained” and “Mind Explained” short documentaries on Netflix

Things to read

Daily Newspapers

The Money Secret – Rob Parsons

Places to visit

Houses of Parliament

Buckingham Palace

Winchester Crown Court open days (usually September)

Sea City Museum – Southampton
Fire Station Open Days

Things to do

Sign up for the National Citizen Service (Year 11 only)

Join the Southampton Youth Forum and get involved with local politics in the city (Age 13+)

Participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Complete a basic First Aid course

Volunteer to help in your local food bank

Go outdoors and get some exercise, perfect for your mental health, you could even try your hand at skiing or donutting at Southampton Sports Centre, or just go for a walk on the Common.