Mission of the Catholic School: The Five Elements of Catholic Schools

Education for All, Educating the Whole Person, The Search for Excellence,
The Uniqueness of the Individual, Moral Values.

Catholic schools play a key part in the work of the diocese. As such we are proud to help deliver the Bishop’s vision, for our diocese and the common good.

Canon Law 793 §1 states: "Parents and those who take their place, have both the obligation and the right to educate their children. Catholic parents have also the duty and the right to choose those means and institutes which, in their local circumstances, can best promote the Catholic education of their children."

What do Catholic Schools do?

1. Catholic schools share the vision of the Catholic Church

2. Provide the best learning for each child to reach her/his potential

3. Give the best context for young people to engage in worship and Christian action

4. Have headteachers who witness as prophet and priest, anointed to the service of school community

5. Have community members, i.e. staff, who lead worship and model Christian life and values