Meet the Chaplaincy Team

The importance of the Chaplaincy team is shown through the fact that it is the only group that has both the Executive Headteacher Lyn Bourne and Headteacher James Habberley attending every two weeks.


Mr James Habberley
is a practising member of the church of England at St Peter’s and St Paul’s church in Fareham. He is devoted to St George Catholic school and its family. He started at St George in 2004 and became Headteacher in 2017. He is determined to provide the best possible Catholic education  for our students, he lives by the motto, lead by example

Other members include:


Mr David Walford- a former St George student & Teacher of RE,. Mr Walford is a member of the senior leadership team, a passionate Catholic and a former RE advisor to the diocese. He sits on the dialogue and culture group for Bishop Philip Egan. Our college Chaplain is available to support all students and staff in their daily worship, whole school celebrations and assemblies.

Head of RE

Mrs Jenny Knight – Head of RE and a devoted Catholic keen to enhance the Catholic life in the school both academically and practically. Mrs Knight is keen on promoting Catholic Social Teaching within the school and raising awareness and money for good causes.

Head of PSHE

Mrs Anne-Marie Lee-Cann - is both an experienced RE teacher and Head of PSHE. A dedicated Christian, Mrs Lee-Cann has been involved recently in producing assessment materials for our diocesan-approved RSE programme run by the TenTen company.

Head of Music

Mr Jorge May – is also a previous student of St George as well as an accomplished musician. Mr May leads the music ministry in our school for Masses, assemblies and other services within the school. Mr May also provides much-needed IT support to the team as well as creative input.