In our department we encourage language learning and cultural awareness in order to prepare our students for a better understanding of the world.

Key Stage 3 (2 lessons per week) / Key Stage 4 (3 lessons per week)
All our students study a language in Year 7 and Year 8, either French or Spanish. They can choose the language in Year 6 if they have a strong preference.

We use Expo (1-2-3),  which are lively and easy-to-use French courses for students of a wide range of ability. They are topic–based courses, which are underpinned by a clear grammatical progression.

At GCSE, we use Studio Active Teach, an interactive online resource which brings a wealth of activities, games, audio and video clips to really engage the pupils.

We use Viva Active teach for each year group.

Homework/ Assessment
Each half term, students will complete one formal assessment, about two spelling tests and other homework (such as a small paragraph to write/ grammar…) that the teacher judges necessary.

Term 1a

Reading Assessment
Term 1b Speaking Assessment
Term 2a Writing Assessment
Listening Assessment
Term 2b Reading Assessment
Term 3a Writing Assessment
Term 3c

Listening Assessment

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