In our department we encourage language learning and cultural awareness in order to prepare our students for a better understanding of the world.

Key Stage 3 (4 lessons per fortnight) / Year 9 (5 lessons per fortnight) / Year 10 & 11 (6 lessons per fortnight)

All of our students study either French or Spanish in Year 7 and Year 8. In Year 6, they can state a preference for which language they would like to study, if they wish.

We start by using Expo (1-2-3),  which are lively and easy-to-use French courses for students of a wide range of abilities. They are topic–based courses, which are underpinned by a clear grammatical progression.

At GCSE, we use Studio ActiveLearn, an interactive online resource which brings a wealth of activities, games, audio and video clips to really engage the pupils.


We use Viva ActiveLearn for all year groups. Again, this interactive resource offers a variety of activities, games, audio and video clips to engage pupils.

Homework/ Assessment

Each half term, all students will complete one formal assessment, at least two spelling tests and other homework (e.g. a small paragraph to write/ grammar worksheet) that the teacher judges necessary. At KS4, Quizlet may also be made available for online vocabulary revision.