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Computer Science work during school closure

Activity 4 – due 10/07/2020

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Year 10 - BTEC in DIT
Component 02 – Collecting, Presenting and Implementing Data
Data is part of modern life. The system that we interact with daily – mobile phones, contactless payments, websites and many others – collect large amounts of data. This data can provide useful information to organisations. They can analyse it to identify trends and opportunities for improving their customers’ experience or to sell more of their goods and services.
In this component pupils will discover how data is collected and used to support decision-making and how it can be represented in ways that help make it easy to understand.
Large quantities of data can be very difficult to understand. Pupils will also learn how to manipulate data and use it to create dashboards that summarise and present data in a meaningful way.   

Learning Aim A: Investigate the Role and impact of data on individuals and organisations.
Use the workbook to complete a task each week and then submit the complete workbook at the end of term.

Year 10 – OCR Computer Science
Computer Science builds on our pioneering qualification development in this field. Relevant to the modern, changing world of computing, it’s designed to boost computing skills essential for the 21st century. Your task for this half term is a combination of programming tasks and computing theory using the workbook provided in Ms Teams class group.


GCSE Computing Theory

OCR computer science workbook

Python Exercises


Information Technology work during school closure