Medical Welfare Officer (Registered Nurse: Child): Mrs Terri Chappell (
Mental Health Nurse: Katie Moss
School Nurse: Our school nurses are from Solent NHS Trust

Should your child go to school today?
Please click here for the NHS website and to help you decide if your child should/should not come to school when ill or has a medical condition. Link to poster

Public Health School Nursing Service

 School Nurses are all qualified nurses, often with additional specialist qualifications in Public Health.

Each school has a named school nurse that comes into the school. They are based at the Adelaide Medical Centre. School nurses work with children from four years nine months up to 19 years of age. The School Nursing Team provides services for children, young people and their families within their home, their schools and in community settings.

Please use the link below to view and to download more information about the School Nursing Service.

Solent :: Healthier Together (

Immunisation Service

The school supports the Government Vaccination Programme. Vaccination sessions take place in school, throughout the year and this service is provided by the Solent NHS Trust Immunisation Nursing Team. They can be contacted on;

The School Immunisation Nursing Team have a number of clinics running over the summer for children who have missed a vaccine and need to catch up.

The vaccines being offered are; Teenage Booster (used to be called School Leaver Booster) and HPV.

Please note, the school does not hold immunisation records for your child, therefore I cannot tell you what vaccine your child has already received. 

If you require this information, please contact the School Immunisation Nursing Team directly;

Procedure for First Aid

1. Any student who feels unwell should go to the first aid room
2. A college first aider will assess the student and if necessary, contact the parent /guardian
3. In the event of an emergency, an ambulance will be called immediately and the parent/guardian will be contacted
4. A student should not contact home without having visited first aid for assessment.

Hay Fever (spring and summer)

A reminder to administer antihistamine to your child before the start of the college day as this cannot be done by college staff. Students should bring a re-useable plastic bottle that they can refill with tap water during the day.

Taking medication at school

Students must NOT carry or administer any medication themselves while at school. The exception is when a student needs to carry an inhaler/epi-pen. If this is the case, the college needs to have been notified by a signed/dated letter from the parent or guardian.

Prescribed medication

A letter signed/dated by the parent/guardian must be provided for any medication brought into the college. This should be handed to the student's tutor/first aider, stating the dosage and when the medication needs to be taken during school hours.

Teen Sleep Hub

The documents below give advice on sleep for students and parents.

Mental Health

Mental Health Support and Advice

Internet safety training

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