Equality Objectives

St George Catholic College has identified the following objectives in relation to the Equality Duty. We will set out to continue to:

  • Ensure that staff and students are aware of and promote respect for the protected characteristics, producing an inclusive school community.
  • Ensure that where discrimination, victimisation and harassment occurs, it is challenged effectively and consistently.

We will therefore:

  • Ensure that students and staff are aware of the protected characteristics from the Equalities Act of 2010, and the importance of respect for these characteristics.
  • Promote the teaching of these protected characteristics, and ensure that the importance of respect for them is demonstrated throughout the curriculum.
  • Ensure that discrimination of any kind is challenged consistently, logged, monitored and interventions are in place, where necessary.
  • Use student voice to monitor and improve relationships between different communities within our school.

Success criteria:

  • Subject leads will be able to demonstrate that the curriculum (not only PSHE / RSE, but all departments) addresses the importance of respect for the protected characteristics, promoting respect and inclusivity.
  • Through staff training and teaching of students, promote a zero-tolerance approach, focusing on three main areas of prejudicial language and discrimination:
  • Racial prejudice and discriminatory language and behaviour
  • Sexual harassment and sexual abuse (child-on-child)
  • Homophobic language
  • Identify staff training needs, and through these, ensure that staff are confident in challenging and reporting prejudicial and discriminatory language and behaviours, and clear sanctions are in place.
  • Use and analyse information gathered (SIMS behaviour logs and incidents, student voice, student surveys, staff surveys, parent surveys, focus group and EARA group), in order to inform future intervention and policies.

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