Catholic Life & Mission of Saint George Catholic College is Outstanding!

We received our Catholic School’s inspection on Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th May 2023. All Catholic schools are required by law to have an inspection that takes place approximately every five years. We are incredibly proud of the report's findings, including that the Catholic life & Mission of Saint George Catholic College is Outstanding. A copy of the full report is available on this page and at the bottom of this article.

We are the first secondary school in our diocese to receive this inspection. This new inspection framework has only been in place since January 2023 and is incredibly challenging and far more rigorous than any other previous Catholic school’s inspection framework. In style, it is very much like an OFSTED inspection. It was a very positive experience. Please see below some quotes from the report:

  • Everyone looks out for each other, and the teachers are so helpful.’ Students’ behaviour is exemplary, showing the respect they have for themselves and others. Students are proud of their ‘ASPIRE’ approach to school life which informs both their learning and their relationships with students and staff. Students speak confidently about how their school welcomes those of all faiths and none, provides a safe and empowering space for all and, therefore, aids their moral development.
  • The culture of continuous improvement permeates the school community, with good and outstanding practice the norm.
  • The school has worked tirelessly to ensure that religious education is at the centre of the school’s curriculum and is represented in all aspects of school life
  • Students value, embrace and actively contribute to the school’s Catholic life and mission, as evidenced by student voice, the pride they take in their school, their recognition of what makes the school distinctive and their contribution in service-based extra-curricular activities. These activities are fully inclusive and engage students from across the age and ability ranges.
  • Staff commitment at all levels is exceptional; they readily serve the community and participate in activities and routines which promote the school’s high standards, and especially those which reinforce the ethos of the school.
  • Staff, governors, and students are ambitious and passionate in their vision for improving the school, and the fruits of this ambition are evident.
  • Students make excellent progress in religious education, demonstrating an accurate understanding of core concepts and the ability to discuss, apply and evaluate their learning.
  • The liturgical life of the school is greatly enhanced by the dynamic and very visible local clergy who give of their time generously. Liturgical events are well thought through and impactful.