Letter to St George from the Vatican

Students of St George were delighted to receive a response to a letter they wrote to the Vatican recently.

Students in 8CA1 and 8CB1 sent some of their work to His Holiness, Pope Francis in November 2o22 and have now received a reply!

Inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si (Care for Our Common Home), they researched a social issue they felt passionate about and then wrote their own encyclical outlining why Catholics should try to help.

They gave evidence from the Bible as well as Catholic Social Teaching and used persuasive language to convince readers they had to help solve the issue. They were so proud of their work that they felt Pope Francis and Bishop Philip might like to read it too, so Mrs Knight sent it to them...

We have now had letters from both congratulating students on their thoughtful writing. We are so happy that Pope Francis and Bishop Philip have taken the time to read their work and send us their blessings.