First students inside new building

Five students enjoyed a quick tour of our new science and technology building on 16th November and were the first students to see inside.

The Project Manager showed the group around the new building and gave them an insight into the challenges that are met during construction. He explained how they were fortunate to be able to purchase and store many of the materials and equipment in advance.  This gave them the ability to continue with the project, even during the summer lock-down period.

Our students were able to see their new Science, Technology and MFL classrooms, many of which are nearing completion and they were really impressed with the scale of the building.  One student was even overheard choosing where he wanted to sit in one of the new classrooms.

The time when the building work is completed is rapidly approaching.  Then we will have the task of moving in!

For more photographs of the tour, please visit our New Building page.