Year 7 Catch-Up

1 How much year 7 catch-up premium did you receive for this academic year 2018-2019?
For 2018-2019, St George's funding is £6,500

2 How do you intend to spend the funding?

  • Investment in staffing to allow for smaller sets for lower ability students.
  • Development of the literacy programme
  • Individual pupil assessment in Year 7 for literacy
  • Catch up reading and numeracy programme
  • Reading club
  • Homework club
  • Small group intervention
  • Assessment to measure progress and the impact of funding. In September, pupils in Year 7 are tested using the Access Reading. This then happens again in the following March to measure the impact.

3 How did you spend your year 7 catch-up premium last academic year?
For 2017-2018, St George received £6,500 for supporting students with low prior attainment at Key Stage 2. The funding was spent as above and we are building on it this year.

4 How did it make a difference to the attainment of the pupils who attract the funding?

The attainment for 2017-2018 is shown below:

  • 88% of students with a reading score of less than 11 years old on entry made progress between September and April.
  • For students with a reading age of below 11 years on entry, the average progress from September to April was 22 months.
  • For the whole year group, from September to April, on average students made 1 year, 1 month of progress with their reading age.