Work during school closure

Accessing Science work while away from school


Previous work

Before Easter, all students were set work on Seneca. If this was not completed, it will still be available. You may need to click on ‘past assignments’ as the due date will have passed, but they are still available and important.

Instructions are below if you are struggling to access Seneca;

  • Go to
  • If you already have an account, login as normal (you may have an account that you use for another subject – you don’t need a new account for science and can just login as before and add your science class using the code below). If you have never used Seneca Learning before, click on ‘sign up’
  • You will be asked to enter name, email address and choose a password. We recommend you use your school email address, and a password you can remember.
  • Write these details somewhere safe… the ‘useful websites’ page of your planner is good for this
  • When it asks you your school, type in ‘Saint George Voluntary Aided College, Southampton’ (note, Saint rather than St!)
  • Once registered, click on ‘classes and assignments’ from the top menu bar
  • Enter the class code given below;
    • Year 7 students: ntfnym2u8h
    • Year 8 students: d7vzhxklwt
    • Year 9, 10 & 11 students: Class code specific for each class. You should already have this from your teacher and be in the right class. If you need the code again, email Mr Douglas at and he will resend it (make sure you say your class and science teacher so he knows which code to send you!). Year 10 and 11 students only need a single class code for all three sciences, not a separate one for biology, chemistry and physics
  • By joining the class, the right course will automatically be shown. Under assignments, you will be able to see specific work that you have been set to complete. The work will be automatically marked and your teacher will be able to see what you have done, how many attempts you made and how long it took.


New Work

All students will receive an email each Monday morning (to their school email addresses) which will contain learning aims, activities, resources and tasks to be completed during the week. It will also include the answers to any tasks or activities that were set the previous week. Year 10 students will receive three separate emails with biology, chemistry and physics work. Those students who have let Mr Douglas know that they are studying for Triple Science (were attending the after school sessions, year 10 only) will receive an extra email for that work too – if you are not receiving these and think you should be let Mr Douglas know.

If you need support with the work being set, please contact your Science teacher by email and they will respond. Year 9 and Year 10 students will also be able to contact their teachers through MS Teams during the times they would have had science lessons on their normal timetable.



Optional extras

We will continue to set a weekly Science challenge, which Mr Raj will email students with and will also be posted on Twitter at @STGCC_Science for parents to see as well. We would love to hear back from students who choose to do these tasks, either by email or through Twitter.


If you have any questions or queries about the work being set, please do get in touch with either your science teacher or Mr Douglas as Head of Science.

Homework is shown below