ICT / Computer Science

ICT BTEC work during school closure

1.     Python Programming – already on the website

The programming workbook provided that is already on school website is for Year 9 Computer Science to complete to further develop their programming skills. Since all my Year 9 classes have been taught coding in Python and if any of the Year 9 ICT pupil would like to challenge themselves and complete the tasks, I would like to receive their workbook as well. All pupils are required to email me their complete work by 19th April 2020.

2.     Computing theory (OCR Entry level to Computer Science – R354) – Seneca Learning

Year 9 Computer Science need to use Seneca Learning to develop their understanding of computing theory. This resource is especially good because it has diagnostic tests to check and consolidate knowledge. Pupils are expected to focus on:

·      Computer Software

o   Operating system

o   System software

o   Types of utility software in different contexts

o   Types of application software in different contexts

·      Computer Memory and Storage

o   Primary storage

o   Secondary storage

·      Moral, legal and environmental issues

o   Moral issues

o   Legal issues

o   Environmental issues

o   Open source and proprietary software

o   Computer Science legislation

Tasks – Submit a brief summary report of your understanding of each one of the bullet point per week. The report can include images/pictures to illustrate your points (avoid copying and pasting).

The first report is due on Friday 24/04/2020 by 3pm and each Friday thereafter until all of the topics have been completed.


Year 9 Information Technology – Extended Projects

Music Festival Project – already on the school website

This project takes a whole term to complete and is mainly for Information Technology group. This project has four activities and each activity is to last for 12 weeks until the end of Summer term. The aim of to prepare pupils with KS4 project and develop their report writing skill.

Activity 1 – due 07/05/ 2020


·      Investigation

·      Logo and strapline

·      Artist database

·      Teaser video

·      Review

        What to submit: Activity 1 review


Activity 2 – Due 05/06/2020


·      Spreadsheet model

·      Recommendations

·      Downloadable flyer

·      Review

        What to submit: Activity 2 review


Activity 3 – Due 26/06/2020


·      Promotional audio clip

·      Mobile app prototype (drawn)

·      Review

  What to submit: Activity 3 review


“The following link contain the resource for Music Festival Project for you to work on after completing your Python Turtle workbook. You will need to download and unzip the files to a folder on your computer called MUSIC FESTIVAL.  Year 9 ICT to start working on music festival project straight away while Year 9 Computer Science should start working on Python tasks first and then move on to complete the Music Festival.“

Link to music festival project



Excellent Work by Students

Aleks P   video about Music Festival Project