Covid19 /St George

This page groups together important information that is available elsewhere on this website. For the latest news and information please always refer to the News section at the front of this website.

Information from the headteacher is shown below.  The most recent, and all previous letters from
the headteacher are shown at the end of this page.

Tutor Phone Calls

Your son/daughter's tutor should be in touch with you to see how they are, whether they have everything they need to complete the work currently provided on our website but crucially access to their office 365 account so that they can make direct contact with their teachers regarding their work to ensure they can make the best progress they can while studying at home.

Home Learning (MS Teams) – Year 7 & 10

We are now using MS Teams for Years 9 & 10. All teaching staff are on MS Teams for all classes in Years 7-10 apart from CORE PE. This ensures that all students are getting direct contact/feedback and guidance on their school work from their teachers. There is a small caveat to this, that due to the current lock-down we do have a small number of teaching staff who are currently not well or looking solely after their own children and therefore on their busiest days in the week they cannot be sat by their laptop for 5 periods a day. On this occasion, the teacher will contact the class by email to confirm they will be available on another day that week when they were due to have a lesson on their timetable. Teachers can also reply to emails/messages later in the day when they are able to.

Guidance - Engagement – Home learning

Engagement on MS teams has been fairly low particularly with Year 10. Therefore, please can I ask you to check with your son/daughter that they have access to MS Teams and are logging on. Teachers are there sharing poweroints/documents and resources to help with home learning and the teaching of their subject so it’s important they don’t miss this. Initially, for Year 10 students by next Friday 1st May if your son/daughter has not been online your teacher will be calling home to check they have everything they need and can access the work. Any issues can then be addressed but please encourage your son/daughter to start logging on and completing the work if you haven’t already done so.

Guidance on Appropriate Work – Website

All work is set by email or through MS Teams for Years 7-10 for all subjects. Work is no longer  added to our website. However, we recognise the importance parents play in ensuring they know what their son/daughter has to do and can support them with the work and track what your children are doing. Therefore, there will be a short summary for each subject for Years 7-10 for each week on the website of what the pupils are expected to do the following week.

With regard to appropriate work, clearly for the first two weeks some of the work we were setting our students was revision and tasks on concepts topics they had already done. We are now five weeks into this and in order to keep our students motivated and engaged, please can you reinforce to your son/daughter that teachers have looked at their scheme of work that they were planning on following and picked the topics/lessons that can be covered by students at home. Therefore, students need to know that this work is important and is going to further their progress in these subjects.

Year 11 Update 11th May

The Post 16 partnership has worked together to develop resources for Year 11 students affected by the impact of the Coronavirus. The result is ‘Flying Start Southampton’, an impartial website built for young people in the city to support their transition to post-16 education and training.

The partnership has brought together Southampton City Council, Bitterne Park Sixth Form College, City College Southampton, Itchen College, St Anne’s Sixth Form, Richard Taunton Sixth Form College and the Southern Universities Network (SUN), with the aim of providing impartial support, information and advice on further education, apprenticeships and future employment options. SUN is hosting the site on the following link:

The site includes:

•          Careers - Planning for the future utilizing the Windmills iCan programme

•          Developing study skills – for all students - resources provided by college partners

•          Post-16 subject specific – to explore chosen subjects and beyond – links to partner sites.

•          FAQs for young people & parents and carers

•          Health and wellbeing resources

Free School Meal Vouchers

We share the frustration and the lack of support from Edenred with the voucher scheme. It’s great that the majority of our families have received their ecodes on time, however unfortunately not all our families have received theres or it's been delayed. We are told that the issues have been due to the system not being able to cope with the demand. I am told this is being addressed but the guidance is still staying it will take up to 72 hours from when they are ordered on a Tuesday each week to receive them. Contact details for Edenred are below. The school will still be providing food on site each day. Please contact Ms Marion Meider at if you have any questions for the school.


Government Announcement 19th April 2020 – All Students - Home Learning

The Department for Education announced it will be supporting free online lessons for primary and secondary pupils through BBC Bitesize and Oak national academy at:

I am sure this will be a very good additional resource for your son/daughter to use at home with daily lessons in Maths & English as well as some other core subjects now available from today to support them with their home learning. Please can I ask that students don’t use this instead of MS Teams (which gives them direct contact with their teachers for all their subjects) but in addition to maximise their learning.


Tthe Department for Education has said it will lend laptops or tablets to particular students. They were children in care, children working with a social worker or a disadvantaged student in Year 10. The school is now providing the local authority with the relevant information they require to purchase laptops.

Year 11 Grades (Vocational & GCSE’s) & Confirmation Results Day – Thursday 20th August 2020

We now know that our Year 11 students will be able to collect their GCSE Results on Thursday 20th August 2020 from 9-11:30am in our main hall. If you are unable to collect your son/daughters results on that day they will be sent 1st class by 2pm. If you have any questions about this please contact Mr Guyer on

This is the same day as previously planned and all year 11 students will receive their results in the same way using the standard format that all previous students have received. In my last letter I attached a letter from ofqual for parents and students about how your son/daughters’ results will be calculated. This is still available on our website at the following link if you don’t have a copy:

Year 11 we are all still thinking of you and hope you are all coping well in this unfamiliar situation. Please remember you are very much part of our family and we are busy planning a formal leavers assembly and arranging details for the prom.

Important Dates

Important Dates -

  • Year 11 Leavers Assembly – Friday 10th July 2020 3-4pm Arrive from 2:30pm
  • Year 11 Prom – Friday 20th November 2020
  • Year 7-10 Presentation Evening – Thursday 2nd July 2020 - 7pm
  • Year 7 Parents Evening – Tuesday 23rd June 2020 – 5pm-7:30pm
  • Year 6 Transition Day – Wednesday 1st July 2020
  • Mentoring Day – Tuesday 14th July 2020
  • Sports Day (6th July) has been cancelled.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The coronavirus crisis is having a huge impact on young people. The loss of routine, and exam cancellations are all factors that are causing stress and increased anxiety, as well as additional health concerns. For teenagers this can be a really challenging time and we are here to support you all.

Please click on any of the links below for expert advice and guidance to get you through this challenging time. In addition may we please remind you that we also have, an email address available for pupils if you’re feeling concerned for your safety, wellbeing or anxiety which is affecting your ability to function as you normally would. This will be looked at daily. For parents the email address will be emailed to all students via their school email accounts.

Supporting your child during the corona virus pandemic:

Guide to building resilience while at home during the pandemic: Resilience_At_Home_Guide.pdf

A list of resources for schools and families to help you take care of yourselves and the children and young people in your lives at this challenging time
SEPS Covid-19 Advice.pdf

Southampton Mental Health Support Team
Secondary Schools/Colleges Wellbeing Newsletter April 15th

Safeguarding - Pupils

This email address is available only for pupils if you are feeling concerned for your safety, wellbeing or anxiety which is affecting your ability to function as you normally would. This will be looked at daily. For parents, the email address will be emailed to all students via their school email accounts.

Finally, please stay safe, follow the guidance by the Government, and look after each other. We will continue to keep in touch.

Careers and Virtual Work Experience 

EBP South (our careers partner in particular for work experience) have updated their information and online careers resources:

Go to 

For information relevant to virtual work experience go to page 2 (this can be found by clicking on the resources part of page 1 at the bottom, then visit the section on Work Experience and alternatives. 

The BBC Teach App button also has some great video clips and although they refer to apprenticeships there are some really good occupational areas too. If preferred you can go onto the EBP You Tube Channel and click on the Playlist Tab, where there are a number of really good short videos to watch. Other employers locally are producing resources to be added at a later date.

For students applying to Barton Peveril College

The Barton Peveril College Student Portal is now live for students who hold offers to study with us in September. Offer holders have been emailed login details to access the Student Portal. 

The Student Portal hosts Google Classrooms for each of the subjects offered at Barton Peveril and consists of further resources, information and activities. Students have been assigned to Google Classrooms for the subjects that they selected on their applications, however they can explore any of our subjects’ Classrooms to find our more information and make an informed decision on their programme of study. Each subject classroom will be updated every Monday during term time.

Those who are new to Google Classroom can watch this video from Rachel Sansom, our Director of Teacher Training and Development, to better understand how the platform works. 

Alongside Google Classrooms, the Student Portal also contains useful guides for the Google platforms that Barton Peveril students use on a daily basis, as well as a link to our Offer Holders Facebook group and other news and information.

Please see below for useful links for  Year 11 students:

  • students can find a helpful guide to activating their Barton Peveril account here
  • students can find a link to the Student Portal here

Staff email addresses (work)

To help with Home learning, please see below a list of the staff email addresses. If you son/daughter is struggling with the work, please use the list below to contact the relevant person. Please be aware it may take some time to get a reply if staff are unavailable or ill themselves.


Work email

Mrs M Aldworth

Miss H Barron

Mr A Bedford

Mrs J Bonavia

Miss L Bourne

Miss E Bowers

Miss B Catley

Miss K Cecil

Mrs T Chappell

Miss N Choudhury

Mr K Clark

Ms R Clarke

Mr O Copplestone

Mrs C Corcoran

Miss M Cordeiro

Mr M Corrigan

Mrs R Cox

Mr R Crouch

Mr J Devine

Mr E Douglas

Mrs S Drummond

Mr M Dwyer

Mr M Ellerby

Miss B Evans

Miss A Foord

Mr H French

Mrs L Furby

Mrs M Gaskin

Mrs L Gilbank

Mr M Gillard

Ms L Griffiths

Mr N Gulliver

Mr S Guyer

Mr J Habberley

Miss R Heneghan

Mr A Hill

Miss S Hussain

Miss H Jay

Mr M Kerslake

Miss A Lampard

Mr C Leat

Mrs A Lee-Cann

Miss S Lefeuvre

Mr T Liston

Mrs A Martin

Miss D May

Mr J May

Mr A Ndabala

Miss L Ouvry

Mrs A Pegg

Ms B Phythian

Mr J Preston

Mr G Prout

Miss G Provenzano

Mr R Rajendram

Miss H Raymont

Mr J Reynolds

Mr C Rogers

Ms C Self

Mr C Shelley

Miss C Simpson

Ms H Sira

Mrs B Sopicka

Mrs S Southwell

Mrs S Sumner

Mr D Walford

Mrs M Walford

Mrs S Ward

Mr A Webb

Mr T Winter