Computer Science

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Week 1 – What is a computer?

In this lesson pupils will learn computers as simple machines that processes an input, and produce an output. They are required to identify parts of a computer system. Research how computers have changed and developed over time.

Week 2 – Components inside a computer

Pupils will learn what is inside a computer, they will read and summarise information provided. Watch videos to identify hardware inside a computer.

Week 3 – Computer hardware

Carry out research to find out information about the different hardware devices. Complete a crossword on hardware.

Week 4 – Computer Software

Carry out research to find out information about the following application software, what are they used for and how they have changed over time.

Week 5 – Binary number system

Pupils learn binary number system. Computers only understand binary and everything that computer processes either sound, images, text must be converted into binary. In this less lesson you will learn about binary number system. Binary is a number system invented by a German called Gottfried Leibniz. This number system is the basis for all binary code, which is used to write data such as the computer processor instructions used every day. Convert binary to denary and vice versa

Week 6 -  computer memory and storage devices

Pupils match storage devices to read/write equipment and describe that difference between primary storage and secondary storage


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