Business Studies

BTEC work during school closure

Work for week beginning 4th May

The students are planning on making five products using the materials below and working out the costings.

Wood (1m x 1m)


Sugar 15kg


Rope 1m


Food flavours


Led 12 pieces


Metal 5 x 3 meters


Cotton sheet


Thread 1 roll


Fabric sheet


Paper 500 sheets


Flexible Plastic 4m roll


Pens black and colour


Flour 16kg


Paint 12 pk mixed


Egg 20 pack


Ribbon 16 colours


Screws 200 pack


Sticky labels 100


Nails 100 pack




Sticky tape 1 roll


Rubber sheet



The worksheets will be released on MS Teams in their lesson time.

They will need to plan different aspects to make sure they make a profit on their product sales, their class teacher will go through this each lesson.

Expectation for this to be completed on either word or PowerPoint, please contact the class teacher if there is an issue with this

GCSE work during school closure

Work for week beginning 4th May

We are moving onto the ethics topic; this includes:

  • Business ethics
  • Human Resource Ethics
  • Operational Ethics
  • Marketing Ethics
  • Environmental considerations

Your class teacher will provide you with the worksheet needed for each lesson in the MS Teams chat and will guide you to what is expected to be handed in when.

If you have any issues, please contact your class teacher: or

Excellent GCSE Business Studies work submitted by students


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