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Homework Timetable

Homework is essential part of the learning process. Students can access homework and revision information from the Student Subject pages of this website

St George has a consistent homework policy across all subjects and we look for parental support in helping to make sure homework and assignments are completed when required.

Homework is important because it:

  • helps to consolidate and extend what is learnt in the classroom
  • helps teachers to assess student's learning
  • Develops individual learning responsibility
  • Develops research skills
  • Prepares Ks3 students for GCSE study

Reading and Literacy Homework

Mandatory for all in years 7-9 in some way and include the following.

All pupils in years 7-9 are expected to read a min of 30min to 1hour per week. Failure to hit their targets will result in a detention of 30min to 1 hour every week. Pupils who fall under their reading target will make up the time owing at the end of each half term in a detention lasting the time outstanding for them to achieve their target.

Reading time needs to be supervised by parents and signed off in their planners weekly. Failure to do will be interpreted as a failure to read and subject to detentions.

Rewards such as merits, dinner queue jumping tickets and access to trips to London Dungeons, Harry Potter studios and other locations are available to those who meet or exceed their targets. Prizes are also given out to the top readers in the year group.

Reading is central to the achievement of all pupils in St George and this homework is the requirement for all pupils without exception. To aid them, our library service is available in room 14 allowing pupils to access books for free every break time and lunch time. Pupils are also given the opportunity to access the library during their registration period. It is therefore an expectation that every pupil has a reading book with them at all times.

To access additional prizes, pupils are encouraged to write book reviews on the books that they have read. These reviews enable pupils to reflect on what they have read and practice their Literacy skills.

Additional support for Literacy is available from Trinity and from Mr Devine upon request if you would like your child to focus on any particular literacy related skills at home.

Homework Marking

Students receive a grade for each piece of homework which is recorded in their planner. The marks are then used as part of the overall assessment of his individual progress.
Marks are from 1 to 5:

5 - Outstanding
4 - Very Good
3 - Good
2 - Satisfactory
1 - Poor/Not completed

What happens if homework is not completed?

Individual subject teachers will provide support for students.