logo At st george we aspire to become all that god has created us to be ........pupil progress at St george is in the top 2% nationally and is among the top 100 out of 6,382 schools across the uk.......Best Ever GCSE RESULTS in 2017 .... 77% 4 - 9 In English and Maths ....... 51% 5-9 in English and maths...  

 Equality Scheme Documents

School Mission Statement

In the community of Saint George we celebrate diversity and grow in faith together, following Gospel values which offer stability in a changing world. All the adults and young people strive to ensure that each person is safe, respected, happy and achieves their full potential.

Our values


All our policies under the Equality Act are: (PDF Download)

Dealing with Allegations and Racial Harrassment

Race Equality

School Accessibility Plans

Staff Equal Opportunities

Student Equal Opportunities


Our Data

School Characteristics


Our objectives

To raise the attainment of our students in English
To raise the attainment of our EAL students in English
To narrow the achievement gap for students with special educational needs